A few thoughts as we wrap up 2016…

The year 2016 has been interesting to say the least. And I know that I’m not the only one who is ready to kick this old crusty year to the curb and see what 2017 has to offer. Because for all of it’s ups and downs – and let’s face it, there have been some pretty tremendous down this year – it has also been a year when the dust settled on my own personal upheaval and brought some exciting twists and turns that I can’t help but celebrate.

My daughters, who were initially heartbroken over our move away from their lifelong friends, have both found ways to take advantage of opportunities that are available to them now that weren’t before. For my older daughter, that is swimming – both on a local YMCA team and just recently, the high school swim team. (Homeschoolers are allowed to participate in school sports in PA – something that they cannot do in VA.) This has been a huge – HUGE – boon for me teenage girl, and she has gone from last in the pack to excelling to events that even advanced swimmers marvel over.

My younger daughter has found her groove on the gymnastics team. This kid has been begging me for years to enroll her in gymnastics, but there really wasn’t much offered within a reasonable driving distance from our old home. Now, she’s on a team at the nearby Y and I swear, I’ve never seen this kid as obsessed or dedicated to anything in her life. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

It makes for a busy week, but I absolutely love watching these do their thing at their meets. They have truly found their groove and their sports, and they have taught me a thing or two about learning to adapt and discover new adventures.

So here’s to 2017. To new adventures and to trying new things. I’m ready to set some new goals and to dream some new dreams.

How about you?


  1. Only we can prevent forest facism! And yes, never too old to grow some…

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