green kidsWant to advertise on The Green Parent? Smart move! The Green Parent has fast become the website for parent’s looking for eco-savvy information. Our demographic is parents…men and women of all colors, ages, religions, and financial situations who are actively looking for the latest information on going green.

I am actually offering a SPECIAL RATE  for advertisers right now.  I am currently fundraising for Girls on the Run ( an innovative health program for girls in grades 3-5) as part of my goal to run the NYC Marathon in November.  For advertisers who donate at least $100 to this fundraising campaign, I am offering 6-months of 125×125 ad space PLUS a sponsored post on the blog!
Here is more info about the fundraising campaign:


I also offer weekly, monthly and annual advertising packages that can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization. One caveat…I do reserve the right to refuse any advertiser whose ads conflict with the TGP125
eco-message of The Green Parent.

For more info, email The Green Parent.