Home Sweet Homemade Jam

Summer is here and nature's produce is at its finest.  What's not to love about the succulent berries, sweet corn, and flavorful tomatoes of this season?  Whether you grow your own, or hit your local farmers market, why not try your hand at canning some some of that goodness so that you can enjoy it all year long. Never canned before?  Start off simply by canning jam or preserves.  Here's a … [Read more...]

How To Stay Healthy This Summer

Sunbathing, swimming, barbequing and outdoor sports are all part of summertime fun. However, without the right precautions these leisure activities can be major hazards and lead to skin cancer, heat stroke, food poisoning, dehydration and drowning. ChicagoHealers.com Practitioner Sharon M. Weinstein, RN, MS, CRNI, FACW, FAAN provides prevention tips to the following summer health … [Read more...]

How to Help the Oceans From Your Home

by Terra Wellington I changed my family’s habits to aid marine life.  You can too. On the eve of World Oceans Day, June 8, the devastating Gulf oil spill takes front stage on every news site, program, and Twitter page.  But, even in the midst of this tragedy, you can find a silver lining.  And that is that ocean conservation is getting much-needed media and public attention. And maybe you might … [Read more...]

Rant: School lunches stink!

Before I begin, let me just say that I in no way wish to condemn the excellent cafeteria staff at my daughter's school.  Those woman (they are in fact all women) bust their buns every day to make two meals a day for hundreds of kids; put up with a constant din of adolescent noise, clean up disgusting spills, and manage to get it all done each day with a smile on their faces. But it is no secret … [Read more...]

Got Sunscreen Questions? Get Answers Today

The fourth annual by Environmental Working Group (EWG) gives low marks to the current crop of sunscreen products, with a few notable exceptions. EWG researchers recommend only 39, or 8 percent, of 500 beach and sport sunscreens on the market this season. The reason? A surge in exaggerated SPF claims (SPFs greater than 50) and recent developments in understanding the possible hazards of some … [Read more...]

Magic School Bus: Book Review and Giveaway

Ms. Frizzle's students are putting on a play about global warming, and they need some cold, hard facts. The Friz knows just where to find them! A hop on the Magic School Bus takes the kids on a whirlwind tour. From the Arctic to the equator, they see telltale signs of climate change. But to get the really big picture, the class has to get really small - so they can see exactly what is in the air … [Read more...]

E.A.T. R.I.G.H.T.

Dr. Margaret Lewin Chief Medical Director of Cinergy Health It is no secret that obesity and a lack of good nutrition plagues many Americans. With more than 66% of Americans obese and more than two-thirds of obese children destined to become obese adults - we must break the cycle, but where do we begin? Try these ideas to help you E.A.T. R.I.G.H.T. E at the rainbow! Not only do foods of … [Read more...]

Happy Eco-Savvy Valentine's Day

If you'd like to celebrate Valentine's Day in a way that's less commercial, more environmentally responsible, and infinitely more meaningful, let these ideas inspire you. Make a fancy dinner at home. Spend some time in advance pouring over your favorite recipe books or searching recipe sites for elegant, lavish choices that you wouldn't ordinarily splurge on. To make it even more special, treat … [Read more...]

Super Bowl Snacks That Score

Super Bowl is just around the corner, and as excitement builds for the Saints to take on the Colts, many people find themselves focusing on the other most important part of the day: the food. For some, greasy comfort foods, great friends and the biggest sporting event of the year is what makes the day great. For others, Super Bowl Sunday is the quickest route to breaking New Year’s … [Read more...]

What You Need To Know About Visiting The Galapagos

Q & A with Santiago Dunn, President of Ecoventura The Galapagos, known for its wealth of highly visible living creatures, is also one of the most fragile and endangered ecosystems in the world.  Following are questions many potential visitors ask before traveling to these islands. The answers are provided by a leader in creating sustainable tourism programs for the region, , owner of … [Read more...]

Green Parenting in Texas

When Christine Stewart was pregnant with her first child, she began to look at the products she was using on herself and in her home and the food she was eating. What an eye-opening experience to discover that just because something is sold in the store doesn’t mean that it is safe for use or consumption—many of them can do serious harm to our bodies and our planet. She began to try to find safer … [Read more...]

5 Fit and Fantastic Family Resolutions for 2010

Research indicates that physical activity and good nutrition are linked to better academic performance, in addition to better physical and mental health.  They can also help prevent and fight overweight and obesity, which currently affects one in three children in the U.S. Parents and caregivers can make simple changes that go a long way in helping children of all ages learn to eat right, be … [Read more...]

5 Ways to To Bring More Meaning To Your Family's Holiday

The holiday gift-giving season is an appropriate time to involve children in charitable giving and teach them why the old adage, “It is better to give than to receive,” is true.  Here are five great ways for parents to lead by example and teach their children the true spirit of the holidays. 1. As a family, select a charitable organization you'd like to support.  Use online tools like  to find an … [Read more...]

Very Berry Holiday Tree

Materials 1 floral foam or green styrofoam cone (measuring 4-5 inches in diameter at the base and 12 inches high) NOTE: I know this isn't very green, so please, please , please try to reuse an old piece of styrofoam or pick up a gently used piece at a thrift store) 1 box of toothpicks 4 one pound containers of fresh strawberries 1 bunch fresh mint 1 slice from a carambola fruit (also known … [Read more...]

Send A Green Mom to Copenhagen!

The potentially monumental climate talks in Copenhagen are upcoming, and it's important to have a real person there to represent the interests of "regular" people who care about the environment. My friend, author, green blogger, fellow Green Moms Carnival member, and environmental activist is taking part in the 's contest to send one citizen ambassador to Copenhagen, and I am happy to give her … [Read more...]