Are you ready to take the ENERGY STAR Pledge?

Team ENERGY STAR launched this week.  Have you joined the team?   Team ENERGY STAR is a very cool initiative conceived by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  It was brought to my attention by Diane MacEachern of Big Green Purse, so I knew it was worth it's weight in green.  I joined up immediately and here's why you should too... You've probably heard of the ENERGY STAR program, which … [Read more...]

The Good, The Bad, and the Non-Toxic

    by Deanna Duke author, The Non-Toxic Avenger: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You   Choosing to eliminate toxins from your environment poses a lot of issues, not just with figuring out what the heck they are to begin with and what to replace them with, but also how to convince the rest of your family to play along.  When I undertook a radical project to completely … [Read more...]

The New Ford Fusion: A sneak peek

Full disclosure: Ford has paid for my airfare and hotel (and they're feeding me pretty darn well too,) to attend the North American International Auto Show.  But the trip came with no strings attached.  I didn't have to write about any of the Ford models.  I didn't have to write about anything at all.  I mean, I'm a green family blogger, right?  Not a car blogger. But I am a mom.  Specifically, … [Read more...]

My Plastic-Free February

February 1.  I just finished up my January eco-challenge (The Compact) and I'm ready for the next event.  Can you guess what is is?  That's right - I'm going plastic-free.  And I'm not doing it alone. The Staff of, publisher of some of my favorite magazines such as Prevention, Organic Gardening, Women’s Health, and Runner’s World have chosen to go plastic-free this month, too!  All … [Read more...]

Send A Green Mom to Copenhagen!

The potentially monumental climate talks in Copenhagen are upcoming, and it's important to have a real person there to represent the interests of "regular" people who care about the environment. My friend, author, green blogger, fellow Green Moms Carnival member, and environmental activist is taking part in the 's contest to send one citizen ambassador to Copenhagen, and I am happy to give her … [Read more...]

Give Me A Great Green Deal!

OK, all.  Summer is just---about---OVER.  Many of you probable have the kiddos back in school already.  I've got one down and one more to go.  And I don't know about you, but I'm in the mood to celebrate!!  Now, don't get me wrong.  I had the time of my life this summer.  My girls and I had a great time hiking, swimming, visiting, camping, playing, and just lounging about in our own … [Read more...]

Is Modern Society Green or Greenwashed?

  the mechanic download dvdrip For the past 7 years, I have been reading and writing - living and breathing - everything I could about green parenting.  And I've loved every minute of it.  Going green is more than just a slogan for me.  It's the way I do things.  It's the way I wash my hair, feed my kids, make dinner, and and find fun stuff to do as a family.  I'm not saying I'm … [Read more...]

Girl Scouts Go Green!

The girl scouts are handing out more than cookies this year, at least in northern California. Thanks to a new program called Cool the Community, more than 1,300 girl scouts in over 100 Bay Area troops will be handing out cookies as well as energy-saving coupons and eco-tips and pledges.   The program is a joint effort between Girl Scouts of Northern California and Cool the Earth, a nonprofit that … [Read more...]

Green Parenting on a Budget

Feeling the financial pinch of the recession? You're not the only one. And for many folks, that means a lot of their green choices are falling by the wayside as they seek out money saving options. Over the past few years, the explosion in the green marketplace meant that there were a lot of ways to buy green options for our favorite products. And while it certainly helps to support businesses … [Read more...]

Opt-In to Go Green

If you are one of the lucky folks headed out on a spring break vacation this year, check to see if your car rental company is part of the opt-in program.  Under the program offered by Enterprise, National and Alamo you can opt to spend an extra $1.25 on your car rental to offset your car's carbon emissions.  It may not seem like much (whcih is good for you!) but in it's first year, more than … [Read more...]

A Call to Action from Bill McKibben

On October 24, we will stand together as one planet and call for a fair global climate treaty. United by a common call to action, we'll make it clear: the world needs an international plan that meets the latest science and gets us back to safety. This movement has just begun, and it needs your help. Here's the plan: we're asking you, and people in every country on earth, to organize an action in … [Read more...]

Time For A Tune Up?

buy gunless the film online , aka The Car Coach, for contributing to this peice.  Lauren is an automotive expert with more than 20 years in the industry, a parent of two teenagers, the spokesperson for the Car Care Council, a race car driver, an ASE certified engineer, the author of three automotive books, and a frequent contributor to major news outlets and magazines.  Thanks Lauren! … [Read more...]

Are You On for MLK Day?

watch full film of paul online This Monday (Jan 19th) is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, which means my eldest has off from kindergarten and my husband has off from work. But rather than have just another day off, we're going to make MLK Day a day on instead. In 1994, Congress initiated the King Day of Service asking citizens to spend their day off on MLK Day as a day to give back their communities … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Lower Your Energy Bills

by Ethan Ewing, If you're like many Americans, you're probably looking for ways to trim costs while the economy is in a down turn.  According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average American home will spend $990 on heating this year.  Create a little breathing room in your budget with these 7 tips for lowering your winter energy bills. Protect your system. Change furnace … [Read more...]

Want To Sit On A Soybean?

At a time when the Big Three are struggling, Ford is hoping to give its lineup an eco-boost with its new soybean car seats.  The seats were designed by a "mom-squad" of bioengineers who wanted to replace the 30 pounds of petroleum-based foam in a car's seat backs, seat cushions, armrests, instrument panels and headliners.  Ford's new soy seats are composed of natural hemp and soybean fibers, and … [Read more...]