Are You On for MLK Day?

watch full film of paul online This Monday (Jan 19th) is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, which means my eldest has off from kindergarten and my husband has off from work. But rather than have just another day off, we're going to make MLK Day a day on instead. In 1994, Congress initiated the King Day of Service asking citizens to spend their day off on MLK Day as a day to give back their communities … [Read more...]

Finally, It's All About You!

O.K., now that you have taken care of the kids, the house, your work, your child’s school, the groceries, the cleaning, your dog, the lawn, and everything else, it is finally time for you. If you have any time, energy, and motivation left, use these ideas to become the Green Parent you always thought you would be (before you had kids!). Learn: Get informed about environmental issues so that … [Read more...]

Buy The Green Parent and Help Plant One Million Trees!

Every year, roughly 20 million trees are cut down to supply paper for books sold in the U.S. Couple that with the extensive amounts of water, chlorine, toxic binders, and petroleum-based inks that are used to create your favorite new title, and it makes for an industry that can be quite toxic to the environment. So I couldn't be happier that The Green Parent:A Kid-Friendly Guide to … [Read more...]

It's Good To Share

Mornings in my house revolve around a frenzy of food. Between preparing breakfast for my girls (they are on a cinnamon toast kick) to packing their lunches (PB&J, carrots, and applesauce), and taking a stab at defrosting what we will have for dinner, it seems almost surreal to me that outside my home, throughout my town, my country, and certainly throughout the world, there are mothers who … [Read more...]