Weatherproofing 101: Doors

There's still time to enter to win a Weatherproofing Kit from Niagara Conservation.  Click here to enter. the eagle movie Weatherproofing 101: Doors by Mark Furst, Grading Spaces Most issues with doors are due to gasket problems, either missing pieces or the door itself being poorly adjusted and not hitting the gasket right. A common leak point is at the top corners where the vertical and … [Read more...]

Weatherproofing 101: Windows

This winter I am weatherproofing my house from top to bottom in an effort to save energy and stretch dollars.  My first task...the windows.  Care to join me? As a little added incentive, I'm giving away 5 Weatherproofing Kits from Niagara Conservation to help you get started (keep reading to find out how to win!!) I turned to an energy saving expert, Home Energy Auditor Mark Furst of Grading … [Read more...]

Green Your Gratitiude This Thanksgiving

by Ethan Ewing, Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season in the United States, and with it begins six weeks of fun, feasts and festivities.  With its emphasis on being grateful for all we have, Thanksgiving provides the perfect opportunity to make life greener -- and a bit more frugal -- in this time of economic turmoil.  Here's how to green your Thanksgiving Day. Give back. While most … [Read more...]

9 Things Your Nana Could Teach You About Going Green

by Ethan Ewing Live below your income. Do not spend more than you earn. Those who are hooked on plastic can withdraw enough cash each week to cover necessities -- even groceries and gasoline -- and put the credit cards away. Ewing noted that a recent study by Visa found that people who pay for their food with a credit card spend 30 percent more on average than people who pay with cash. Focus on … [Read more...]

Welcome to Reality, Mr. President-Elect

by Bill McKibben Our eight-year interlude from reality draws to a close, and the job of cleaning up begins. The trouble is, we're not just cleaning up after a failed US presidency. We're cleaning up after a two-century binge. Barack Obama won an historic victory this week, and with it the right to take office under the most difficult circumstances since Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great … [Read more...]

Green From The Ground Up

by Karen Adams Sustainable Concept House the true grit film My husband and I bought a ½ acre lot in the Texas Hill Country about 4 years ago.  When we were talking about our "dream" house, we had the same vision-for it to be as independent as possible for water, to be super energy efficient and to have a healthy indoor living environment.  So, we weren't sure if that was "green," but we knew we … [Read more...]

Is Joe Biden A Green Parent?

In case you haven't already heard, Barack Obama has tagged Delaware Senator Joe Biden to be his running mate in the upcoming November election. The Senator certainly has the experience and foreign relations credentials to balance out any that were lacking in Obama's campaign. He's been Delaware's Senator since 1972 and is the current Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. But what … [Read more...]

Great Green Bargains

One of the most frequent comments I hear from parents is that they want to make eco-savvy choices, but can’t afford the high cost of going green. In today's economic climate, no one (myself included) wants to place any additional burdens on already strapped budgets. The great news is that the essence of going green is to buy less stuff. That doesn’t mean that you have to give up stuff entirely … [Read more...]

Green Your School Supplies

It’s August 1st! Which means it’s not only the kickoff of World Breastfeeding Week, it’s also the official time to start getting the kids ready for school. I got so much info about the latest tips, tricks, and gadgets to make your back-to-school a little greener that I couldn’t possible fit it in to one post. So stay tuned for future posts about green computing, waste-free lunches, eco-savvy … [Read more...]

Finally, It's All About You!

O.K., now that you have taken care of the kids, the house, your work, your child’s school, the groceries, the cleaning, your dog, the lawn, and everything else, it is finally time for you. If you have any time, energy, and motivation left, use these ideas to become the Green Parent you always thought you would be (before you had kids!). Learn: Get informed about environmental issues so that … [Read more...]

How Green Is Your Gas Station?

I've taken as many steps as I can to improve my gas mileage and cut back on the amount of money I spend at the pump. But with the rising prices, I find that I'm still forking over the equivalent of my child’s college tuition just to fill up each week. So I decided it would be a good idea to know a bit more about the oil tycoon’s I’m working to support. Fortunately, this good folks at GOOD … [Read more...]

Green Remodeling

Need a new addition to accommodate your family’s new addition? Or maybe you’re just looking to update the look of your kitchen or bathroom. Thinking green while remodeling or adding on to your home can improve the air quality, energy efficiency, and comfort of your home while saving you a fortune on future energy, water, sewer, and maintenance bills. Here's how to build it green: Start with a … [Read more...]

Homemade Bubble Bath

full kick-ass film high quality Ingredients 1 cup baby shampoo or eco-friendly liquid soap 3/4 cup water 1/2 - 1 tsp. glycerin Essential oils (optional) This bubble bath is so easy to make and use that you will wonder why you ever bought a commercial product. Little kids can help you measure out and combine the ingredients while older children can handle the whole project on their own. Combine 1 … [Read more...]

An Interview with Green Parent Laura Seydel

Far from being raised with a silver spoon in her mouth, Laura Seydel, (daughter of CNN founder Ted Turner), was raised with dirt under her fingernails and deeply-rooted love for the environment. Today, this mom of three balances green parenting with ball games, PTA meetings, and her work for the Captain Planet Foundation, a national nonprofit organization that funds eco-projects for schools and … [Read more...]

How to Recycle Your CFL Light Bulbs

It's official! The Home Depot is now offering free CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb) recycling at all of its 1,973 locations nationwide. Just bring your unbroken bulbs to the returns desk and they'll make sure the bulb is disposed of properly. No Home Depot in your area? Check out Earth 911 to see if there is a fluorescent bulb recycler in your area. You can also recycle CFL light bulbs at … [Read more...]