The New Ford Fusion: A sneak peek

Full disclosure: Ford has paid for my airfare and hotel (and they're feeding me pretty darn well too,) to attend the North American International Auto Show.  But the trip came with no strings attached.  I didn't have to write about any of the Ford models.  I didn't have to write about anything at all.  I mean, I'm a green family blogger, right?  Not a car blogger. But I am a mom.  Specifically, … [Read more...]

Opt-In to Go Green

If you are one of the lucky folks headed out on a spring break vacation this year, check to see if your car rental company is part of the opt-in program.  Under the program offered by Enterprise, National and Alamo you can opt to spend an extra $1.25 on your car rental to offset your car's carbon emissions.  It may not seem like much (whcih is good for you!) but in it's first year, more than … [Read more...]

Time For A Tune Up?

buy gunless the film online , aka The Car Coach, for contributing to this peice.  Lauren is an automotive expert with more than 20 years in the industry, a parent of two teenagers, the spokesperson for the Car Care Council, a race car driver, an ASE certified engineer, the author of three automotive books, and a frequent contributor to major news outlets and magazines.  Thanks Lauren! … [Read more...]

Want To Sit On A Soybean?

At a time when the Big Three are struggling, Ford is hoping to give its lineup an eco-boost with its new soybean car seats.  The seats were designed by a "mom-squad" of bioengineers who wanted to replace the 30 pounds of petroleum-based foam in a car's seat backs, seat cushions, armrests, instrument panels and headliners.  Ford's new soy seats are composed of natural hemp and soybean fibers, and … [Read more...]

How Green Is Your Gas Station?

I've taken as many steps as I can to improve my gas mileage and cut back on the amount of money I spend at the pump. But with the rising prices, I find that I'm still forking over the equivalent of my child’s college tuition just to fill up each week. So I decided it would be a good idea to know a bit more about the oil tycoon’s I’m working to support. Fortunately, this good folks at GOOD … [Read more...]

Are You A Green Driver or a Fossil Fool?

If you live in Seattle, WA, you can pat yourself on the back for being one of the greenest commuters in the country. According to a new study released in the July/August issue of Men's Health, Seattle ranks #1 in a poll of 100 major cities in the U.S. for minimizing emissions. The study looked at data on gas consumption, measured miles racked up annually, checked air quality (ozone and particle … [Read more...]

Give Your Car a Gas-Saving Tune-Up

Feeling the sting at the pump lately? You can alleviate some of this misery by making sure your car is properly tuned. Your car should receive a professional tune-up every two years or 30,000 miles, whichever comes first, in order to run at its maximum fuel efficiency. But there are a number of things you could do in between those tune-ups to make sure you’re squeezing the most efficiency out … [Read more...]

Dive Into A Carpool

avatar film download high quality How much does your car weigh? Personally, I can't answer this question except to say that my car is pretty darned heavy. That's why I find it so disturbing with the findings from that "most vehicles produce several times their weight in greenhouse gases each year." The amount of time we spend behind the wheel has a significant impact on the … [Read more...]