How to bond with your kids over books

Like many parents, I love, love, love reading to and with my kids. But I will also be the first to confess that sometimes, life just gets in the way of reading time. That's because more often than not, we save our family reading time for the end of the day when we are all tired and ready to crash. Lisa Cohn and her six-year old son Michael, are pros at the family reading scene. The two have … [Read more...]

Starting Homeschool

Allow me to rewind the clock... Two weeks ago, my girls and I started homeschool.  This is our first go at the whole learning-at-home thing, and our first day was so incredible that I wanted to be sure to capture the moment in a post.  But as luck would have it, life got in the way and I have not had a chance to post anything until today.  Still, that first stay is still fresh enough in my … [Read more...]


I am absolutely heartbroken this morning.  Trying to come up with words of comfort, words of solace, words of advice to address yesterday's tragedy.  But there truly just aren't words that can ease an ache so gut-wrenching.  Instead, my only advice is to hug your children that much tighter.  Allow yourself to feel the pain.  Send your thoughts and comfort in any way that feels right to you - … [Read more...]

National Healthy Schools Day: Make Sure No Child Is Left Behind

National Healthy Schools Day What you can do to make sure no child’s health is left behind by Janelle Sorensen   When my husband and I first toured schools to find the one we wanted to enroll our daughter in, I’m sure I was silently voted one of the strangest parents ever. Why do I feel I was secretly endowed with this title? Because every room and hallway we were taken through, I sniffed. A lot. … [Read more...]

Toxic Air and Our Children's Schools

Air pollution drives me nuts.  You can't see it, you can't touch it, and unless it's really bad, you can't even smell it.  And unlike water pollution, you can't even filter it out of your life. So I was pretty disturbed to see this report that just came out from USA Today that took a look at the amout of air pollution that can be found around our children's schools.  The report, entitled The … [Read more...]

Add Some Green To School Lunches

Today's Giveaway: Universal Family Music's 6-CD collection of tunes the whole family will love. Enter here. Last chance, contest ends today!! the movie easy a on dvd My eldest daughter hit a milestone this year and it's one that I never read about in the parenting books.  Now that she's a "big kid" she can choose to buy lunch at school rather than bring a packed lunch.  We had some great … [Read more...]

punky's dilemma

When I came across ex mama, a blog that "slices, dices, and makes julienned mac n cheese," I knew I had found a kindred spirit. Wreke's blog is definitely quirky, usually angst-ridden, and occasionally potty-mouthed. It's also occasionally green as this real Green Parent of two explores the greener side of life, helping her daughter with "less trash for your class" week at … [Read more...]

Beat It Naturally

By: TheGreenGirls With school days just around the corner, parents are starting the preparation process. Let's go over our "back to school" checklist. photo by barnabywasson Affordable organic clothing (Check) Green your school supplies (Check) Organic meals & snacks for kids (Check) That should about cover it, except for one more thing. Preparing for the school cold attack. What do you … [Read more...]

Green Your School Supplies

It’s August 1st! Which means it’s not only the kickoff of World Breastfeeding Week, it’s also the official time to start getting the kids ready for school. I got so much info about the latest tips, tricks, and gadgets to make your back-to-school a little greener that I couldn’t possible fit it in to one post. So stay tuned for future posts about green computing, waste-free lunches, eco-savvy … [Read more...]

Get Smart: Get Dirty

Want to raise your child’s science test scores by up to 27% ? Just open the door and head outside. That’s right, a recent study found that children who spend time in nature not only have higher science test scores, they are also better at conflict resolution, have higher self esteem, and are understandably more concerned about protecting the environment than those who don’t. Now, the scientist … [Read more...]

Nominate Your Favorite Eco-Teacher Today!

Do you know a teacher who makes an outstanding effort to teach kids about going green? If so, the National Environmental Education Foundation wants to hear about it. The organization is currently accepting nominations for this year's Richard C. Bartlett Environmental Education Award which will be awarded to one lucky teacher, along with $5000, at the North American Association for Environmental … [Read more...]

Green Schools: A New Bill May Help Your Child's School Go Green

Does your child's school need some help going green? That help may be coming in the form of federal dollars. Last week, the House passed the 21st Century Green High-Preforming Public Schools Facilities Act which would earmark $6.4 billion for eco-friendly projects that help modernize public school facilities. The projects would have to meet to criteria for building construction and/or energy … [Read more...]

A Rainbow of Green Art Supplies

Can an orange crayon be green? It can if it's made from natural ingredients like soy or beeswax instead of petroleum. The same goes for that red marker or rainbow watercolor paints. In addition to their contribution to global warming, traditional art supplies also contain a slew of dubious chemicals and solvents. Non-toxic art supplies are not only better for the planet, they're also better for … [Read more...]

Eco-Friendly School Fundraisers

We are not even halfway through the school year and already I have been inundated with forms and catalogs from my daughter’s school for fundraisers that almost always include low-quality foods, junk, or paper products that I neither need nor want. Stuff that is designed to clog up my closets while depleting resources and inevitably filling up landfills. Isn’t there are greener way for kids to … [Read more...]

No Idling!

A recent Yale University study found that children who ride a school bus are exposed to up to 15 times more particulate pollution than average. That’s bad news for the 24 million American children who ride a school bus each day. Researchers estimate that this increased exposure is due to the idling and queuing of school buses. In other words, as school buses line up and wait in front of our … [Read more...]