Race report: Potomac River Run Marathon

It has been less than 24 hours since I completed the Potomac River Run Marathon in Carderock, Maryland.  So while the pain is still fresh in my quads - and my ego- I figured I would sort out the thoughts in my head by hammering it all out on the keyboard. Some of you may remember my announcement last week that I was hoping for a PR at this race.  As you may have guessed, I did not accomplish … [Read more...]

4 for 40…Mission Accomplished!

I did it.  I DID IT!! Last year, around this time, as I was heading into my 40th birthday, I set  goal to run four marathons to commemorate my 40th year.  And despite an injury that sidelined me for two months - and forced me to defer entry into one of my planned marathon runs - I am happy to say that I did it.  Last weekend, I ran the Richmond Marathon and made it my fourth marathon of the … [Read more...]

Green Parenting in Texas

When Christine Stewart was pregnant with her first child, she began to look at the products she was using on herself and in her home and the food she was eating. What an eye-opening experience to discover that just because something is sold in the store doesn’t mean that it is safe for use or consumption—many of them can do serious harm to our bodies and our planet. She began to try to find safer … [Read more...]

Going Green in Northern California

by Deborah Hladecek, California’s Green Parent   Northern California has an abundance of farms and a variety of local, organic produce just waiting to be selected and tucked into your reusable bag or basket on any day of the week in any given city.  We are fortunate to live here. This is one of the primary reasons we moved to Marin County. The Bay Area has a strong green movement and I … [Read more...]

Going Green in Tennessee

Kimberly Stapleton is the mom of two fabulous daughters, Fiona (4) and Matilda (8 months).  After learning early on in my second pregnancy that her daughter would have special needs due to a brain anomaly, she decided that she would need to rearrange her life and priorities a but.  After seven years of working as the development director for a non-profit organization, Kimberly is a now a … [Read more...]

Going Green in South Carolina

Looking for green parenting info in the Palmetto State?  Green Parent Jennifer Smith shares her tips on going green in South Carolina.  Jen is a wife and mom of Sebastian (13), Chloe (6) and Abby (4) living in Hickory Tavern, SC.  She is a stay at home mom and owns an online Virtual Assistant business, .  She does what she can to grow small businesses green and paperless. Meanwhile, she's making … [Read more...]