Don’t fall for ‘The Natural Effect’

all naturalWhat do you think of when you see the term, ‘natural?’  Healthy?  Organic?  Made from wholesome ingredients?
The Google definition for ‘natural,’ is “existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind.”  So it’s no wonder that millions of Americans are fooled by the word ‘natural’ when they see it on food packaging.
But the truth is, that the word ‘natural’ is not regulated on food packaging.  So it could be found on products that contain pesticides, artificial ingredients, genetically modified organisms, or even known carcinogens.  Only the term ‘Organic’ guarantees your food is –well, natural.
Still confused?  Check out this hilarious spoof from the “False Advertising Industry,” on what the term “all-natural” really means:

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