Green Parenting on a Budget


Feeling the financial pinch of the recession? You’re not the only one. And for many folks, that means a lot of their green choices are falling by the wayside as they seek out money saving options. Over the past few years, the explosion in the green marketplace meant that there were a lot of ways to buy green options for our favorite products. And while it certainly helps to support businesses that are making eco-savvy products, that is not the only or best way to go green.

In fact, the essence of going green is to buy less stuff. And in this recession, that’s something we’re all prone to do anyhow. Here are some other ways to go green without a lot of green:


  • Make your own green cleaners
  • Turn out the lights
  • Turn down the heat 
  • Buy gently used goods
  • Drive less
  • Walk more
  • Eat less meat
  • Start your own garden
  • Make your own beauty products

All of these ideas are not only gentle on the planet, they are also easy on your wallet.  Do you have any more money-saving green ideas?  Let’s hear it!


Photo by SeraphimC

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