Green Your Spring Cleaning

cleaningwomanOK, so its not technically spring just yet. But the warm weather that hit most of the U.S. over the weekend had me itching to clean out the cobwebs, throw open the windows, and wave bye-bye to winter.  And as part of this month’s , I’ve joined up with other eco-savvy mamas to talk about green spring cleaning.  Here’s how its done:

Reduce: The first step in cleaning is to get rid of all of that stuff that’s just in your way every day.  Declutter your house by going from room to room and getting rid of stuff that you no longer need. (It’s just collecting dust anyhow!) Click here for info on from clothes to computers to eyeglasses.

Reuse: As you’re cleaning, don’t fill up your trash can with paper towels and single use wipes. Use cloth rags, old dishtowels, or cut up a ratty t-shirt to get your cleaning done with less waste.


I’m not sure when we became convinced as a society that we need to spend tons of money on toxic chemicals packaged in wasteful plastic bottles in order to clean our homes. Vinegar and baking soda make a cleaner so powerful it will cut through any grease and grime your kids can throw at it. And lemon juice is a natural disinfectant that will easy clean germs and other gunk from countertops, door handles, and toilet seats. Click here to learn more about making your own .

This month’s Green Moms Carnival is hosted by , be sure to head over there to check out what other green moms have to say about greening your spring cleaning.

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