In Memoriam of the lives lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School

In Memoriam of the lives lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School

I am absolutely heartbroken this morning.  Trying to come up with words of comfort, words of solace, words of advice to address yesterday’s tragedy.  But there truly just aren’t words that can ease an ache so gut-wrenching.  Instead, my only advice is to hug your children that much tighter.  Allow yourself to feel the pain.  Send your thoughts and comfort in any way that feels right to you – prayer, thoughts, healing vibes – to the families so devastated by yesterday’s events.

At this point, my children know nothing about what happened in Connecticut yesterday.  And if it left solely to my discretion, they never would.  But at a community event last night, I noticed that some of their friends were already talking about it.  So at some point over this weekend, before I send them back to school on Monday with a heavy heart and a shaken faith in humanity, I will tell them that something terrible happened in this world on Friday and answer any questions they might have while still attempting to shield their innocent hearts from the full blow of the pain.

Babble has compiled a good round up of posts from expert organizations like the American Psychological Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics on talking to kids about tragedy.  There’s some good advice in there for those of you, like myself, who simply don’t know where to begin.

Have you talked to your children yet about what happened yesterday?  If so, do you have any advice to share?  I would greatly appreciate it.



  1. I haven’t talked to the girls and I don’t know if I should. My son is older and saw it unfold on facebook.

    • I did talk to my girls very briefly about what happened.  No details. I just told them that something very bad and sad happened and that if they heard any more from their friends they could come and talk to me about it.  We also talked about how much more good there is in the world and that we have to hold on to that good in times like these.  

    • I talked to them last night, they saw a little on the news this morning. Abby said they had a plan if this happened, I’m glad to hear that.

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