A Call to Action from Bill McKibben

On October 24, we will stand together as one planet and call for a fair global climate treaty. United by a common call to action, we'll make it clear: the world needs an international plan that meets the latest science and gets us back to safety. This movement has just begun, and it needs your help. Here's the plan: we're asking you, and people in every country on earth, to organize an action in … [Read more...]

Will President-Elect Obama Head to Poland?

Have you been reading the news? The newspapers are filled with articles wondering what Obama's first steps will be as President-elect. A few days ago, I posted Bill McKibben's letter to the upcoming President, urging him to get his presidency started on the right foot by attending the UN Climate Meetings in Poland that will be held in December. Now it's our turn.  If we can fill papers around the … [Read more...]

Welcome to Reality, Mr. President-Elect

by Bill McKibben Our eight-year interlude from reality draws to a close, and the job of cleaning up begins. The trouble is, we're not just cleaning up after a failed US presidency. We're cleaning up after a two-century binge. Barack Obama won an historic victory this week, and with it the right to take office under the most difficult circumstances since Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great … [Read more...]

Green Festival 2007

Last weekend I had the good fortune to attend the Green Festival in Washington, D.C. where I saw a convention center full of great eco-savvy products and learned the latest in environmental news from incredible speakers like Bill McKibben and Timberly Whitfield. Here are some of the highlights from the event: Step It Up 2007: Bill McKibben, a true environmental leader and author of the bestseller, … [Read more...]