Opt-In to Go Green

If you are one of the lucky folks headed out on a spring break vacation this year, check to see if your car rental company is part of the opt-in program.  Under the program offered by Enterprise, National and Alamo you can opt to spend an extra $1.25 on your car rental to offset your car's carbon emissions.  It may not seem like much (whcih is good for you!) but in it's first year, more than … [Read more...]

Extra Credit: A Look At Carbon Offsets

So, you're turning off lights, teaching your kids to recycle, walking to the store, and buying organic produce. Now what? Well, if you really want to go the extra green mile, you might try purchasing carbon offsets, or credits, that literally "offset" the energy you use at work, while traveling, or around the house. Ideally, the money you spend on your carbon credit will be used to support clean … [Read more...]

Go Green: Environmentally-Friendly Holiday Travel Tips

The holidays just wouldn't be the same without a visit with friends and family. So for many of us who have wandered a little from the proverbial family roots, that means a trip by sky, rail, or road. Here's how to green your holiday travel. 1. Leave The Flying To Santa : Traveling by airplane releases significantly more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere (and therefore causes more global … [Read more...]

The Green Parent Holiday Gift List

Are you worried about your holiday gift list this year? With all of the news about global warming and environmental degradation, let alone sweatshop labor and toxic toys, what's a Green Parent to do? Never fear, there are tons of gifts that you can give to show your spirit without selling your soul. Here, without further ado, is The 2007 Green Parent Holiday Gift List...a list of gifts you can … [Read more...]