Opt-In to Go Green

If you are one of the lucky folks headed out on a spring break vacation this year, check to see if your car rental company is part of the opt-in program.  Under the program offered by Enterprise, National and Alamo you can opt to spend an extra $1.25 on your car rental to offset your car's carbon emissions.  It may not seem like much (whcih is good for you!) but in it's first year, more than … [Read more...]

Time For A Tune Up?

buy gunless the film online , aka The Car Coach, for contributing to this peice.  Lauren is an automotive expert with more than 20 years in the industry, a parent of two teenagers, the spokesperson for the Car Care Council, a race car driver, an ASE certified engineer, the author of three automotive books, and a frequent contributor to major news outlets and magazines.  Thanks Lauren! … [Read more...]

Want To Sit On A Soybean?

At a time when the Big Three are struggling, Ford is hoping to give its lineup an eco-boost with its new soybean car seats.  The seats were designed by a "mom-squad" of bioengineers who wanted to replace the 30 pounds of petroleum-based foam in a car's seat backs, seat cushions, armrests, instrument panels and headliners.  Ford's new soy seats are composed of natural hemp and soybean fibers, and … [Read more...]

Are You A Green Driver or a Fossil Fool?

If you live in Seattle, WA, you can pat yourself on the back for being one of the greenest commuters in the country. According to a new study released in the July/August issue of Men's Health, Seattle ranks #1 in a poll of 100 major cities in the U.S. for minimizing emissions. The study looked at data on gas consumption, measured miles racked up annually, checked air quality (ozone and particle … [Read more...]