Girl Scouts Go Green!

The girl scouts are handing out more than cookies this year, at least in northern California. Thanks to a new program called Cool the Community, more than 1,300 girl scouts in over 100 Bay Area troops will be handing out cookies as well as energy-saving coupons and eco-tips and pledges.   The program is a joint effort between Girl Scouts of Northern California and Cool the Earth, a nonprofit that … [Read more...]

The Green Teen Book Release Party!

The Green Teen's official book release party is underway RIGHT NOW on Facebook:  Head on over to win a free copy of the book and other awesome eco-prizes!   , the eco-thriller for teens and, of course, lots of free copies of !  Hope to see you there!! … [Read more...]

National Healthy Schools Day: Make Sure No Child Is Left Behind

National Healthy Schools Day What you can do to make sure no child’s health is left behind by Janelle Sorensen   When my husband and I first toured schools to find the one we wanted to enroll our daughter in, I’m sure I was silently voted one of the strangest parents ever. Why do I feel I was secretly endowed with this title? Because every room and hallway we were taken through, I sniffed. A lot. … [Read more...]

Happy Earth Day!

  Today is the 39th Celebratation of Earth Day and you are personally invited to join in the party!  Here are all the details you need to get involved.   Who: We're celebrating the Earth today thanks to  U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson who founded the event in 1970.  Festivities are open to EVERYONE! What: buy the company men the film online The 39th celebration of Earth Day! When: April … [Read more...]

Waste-Free Wednesday: Recycled Cell Phones

Welcome to another edition of  Waste-Free Wednesday!  Last week, I wrote a post on recycling electronics and for today's waste-free Wednesday I'd like to take a look at the recycling of one e-gadget in particular...the cell phone.   Apparently, it's National Cell Phone Recycling Week (who knew?) which is a program sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency in an effort to improve America's … [Read more...]