How to Help the Oceans From Your Home

by Terra Wellington I changed my family’s habits to aid marine life.  You can too. On the eve of World Oceans Day, June 8, the devastating Gulf oil spill takes front stage on every news site, program, and Twitter page.  But, even in the midst of this tragedy, you can find a silver lining.  And that is that ocean conservation is getting much-needed media and public attention. And maybe you might … [Read more...]

Parenting the Nearly-Grown

by Masha Hamilton “Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book.” Roman philosopher and orator Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106-43 B.C. online divx Not long after the second of my three children was born, I sat at the kitchen table late one evening talking to my dad about parental responsibility. It’s a big topic and we were covering lots of philosophical … [Read more...]

Green Moms Spill Their Eco-Secrets!

Rarely a day goes by that I don't recieve some version of the following email or comment on my blog: "I really love all of the information you provide about going green...but I just feel so GUILTY because I just can't seem to do it all." To which I always wholeheartedly reply: "OMG!  You think I actually do ALL of these things???" I can assure you dear readers, I do not even come close to … [Read more...]

Go Green and Do More With Less

Going green is all the rage these days and there is now an eco-savvy alternative for just about any purchase you need to make. Sure, most green products claim to reduce pollution and waste and conserve resources.   But let's face it: Most of us can't afford to buy the organic and recycled-content versions of everything we need. So how do you decide which products will really make a difference?  It … [Read more...]

How to Get Your Kids Recycling

full hd MNN's Keri Greenwald shares her tips on teaching kids to recycle and actually getting them excited about it too! the fighter 1080 … [Read more...]

Going Green in Northern California

by Deborah Hladecek, California’s Green Parent   Northern California has an abundance of farms and a variety of local, organic produce just waiting to be selected and tucked into your reusable bag or basket on any day of the week in any given city.  We are fortunate to live here. This is one of the primary reasons we moved to Marin County. The Bay Area has a strong green movement and I … [Read more...]

Is Modern Society Green or Greenwashed?

  the mechanic download dvdrip For the past 7 years, I have been reading and writing - living and breathing - everything I could about green parenting.  And I've loved every minute of it.  Going green is more than just a slogan for me.  It's the way I do things.  It's the way I wash my hair, feed my kids, make dinner, and and find fun stuff to do as a family.  I'm not saying I'm … [Read more...]

Going Green in Tennessee

Kimberly Stapleton is the mom of two fabulous daughters, Fiona (4) and Matilda (8 months).  After learning early on in my second pregnancy that her daughter would have special needs due to a brain anomaly, she decided that she would need to rearrange her life and priorities a but.  After seven years of working as the development director for a non-profit organization, Kimberly is a now a … [Read more...]

How I Trashed the Planet on Earth Day

In case you missed it, last Wednesday was Earth Day...a day to learn about, protect, and celebrate the planet. And to be very honest, I really blew it.  For better or for worse, my schedule is bordeline frantic for the entire month of April with interviews, speaking engagements, and planning preparations surrounding Earth Day. Ironically, for someone who earns all of that fame as a "green parent," … [Read more...]

Going Green in Illinois

Samantha Harnack is a wife, green mother of two, professional photographer and environmentalist. She is also a life-long resident of the great state of Illinois.   According to Samantha, she has always been aware of the need to recycle but it wasn’t until her kids came home from pre-kindergarten with badges stating that they were “friends to the earth” and saying that we had to do more, that she … [Read more...]

Green Parenting on a Budget

Feeling the financial pinch of the recession? You're not the only one. And for many folks, that means a lot of their green choices are falling by the wayside as they seek out money saving options. Over the past few years, the explosion in the green marketplace meant that there were a lot of ways to buy green options for our favorite products. And while it certainly helps to support businesses … [Read more...]

Going Green in Indiana

Teri White-Griffin, is a recovery marketing manager. Brainwashed and beaten by the biggest of big boxes, Teri decided to shift her traumatized talents toward a new green attitude.  As Teri's inner consumer psyche started to heal she heard old fashion advice from a fun loving character named Sage McGreen. Admit it we all hear snarky voices in our head while navigating the new green age of … [Read more...]

Going Green in Pennsylvania

Rhain Tomasetti, mom to a very cool 10 year old son, lives in Center City Philadelphia. She runs Earth Baby & Mommy and is opening an educational play center within her local community center. Rhian works hard to help moms live greener and happier lives.     Forums Markets The Reading Terminal A Philadelphia Favorite that offers local fare from Lancaster to Philadelphia. Everything from … [Read more...]

Going Green in Kentucky

Sage McGreen is the earthy alter ego of Teri White-Griffin, a recovery Marketing Manager. Brainwashed and beaten by the biggest of big boxes, Teri decided to shift her traumatized talents toward a new green attitude. As Teri's inner consumer psyche started to heal she heard old fashion advice from a fun loving character named Sage McGreen. Admit it, we all hear snarky voices in our head while … [Read more...]

Going Green in Maryland

Born and raised in Maryland, Teresa Berger is a momapreneur and lead visionary for, an online boutique specializing in locally and regionally handmade and earth-friendlier products for wee ones and parents. Since becoming a mother, Teresa's interest in the environment and living an earth-friendlier life has grown. She feels it's important to instill a love of nature, life and … [Read more...]