Buy The Green Parent and Help Plant One Million Trees!

Every year, roughly 20 million trees are cut down to supply paper for books sold in the U.S. Couple that with the extensive amounts of water, chlorine, toxic binders, and petroleum-based inks that are used to create your favorite new title, and it makes for an industry that can be quite toxic to the environment. So I couldn't be happier that The Green Parent:A Kid-Friendly Guide to … [Read more...]

Register to Win the 2008 Green Parent Awards

In just a few short weeks, The Green Parent: A Kid-Friendly Guide to Earth-Friendly Living (Kedzie Press, 2008) will finally be released and available for sale at local and online booksellers nationwide. As part of the celebration, author Jenn Savedge (that's me!) will be touring the country, asking questions, sharing ideas, gathering tips, and handing out a whole heap of eco-savvy prizes. And I … [Read more...]