A Guide To Cozy Postpartum Clothing

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You’ve just spent nine months carrying another person inside of you, and your body’s just gone through the physical ordeal of giving birth. Naturally, you’ll want a chance to be more comfortable through the postpartum period and beyond! Of course, some discomfort is to be expected, especially in the immediate aftermath of your baby coming into the world. But nevertheless, there are some efforts you can take to feel better, starting with the coziest postpartum clothing on the market. Whether you’re rocking your bundle of joy to sleep at night or you’re facing the adventure of breastfeeding, new motherhood has its ups and downs, but you can stay comfy when you’re armed with the right clothes.



Every outfit starts with its underthings, whether that’s a bra, underwear, or a pre-defined set. As a postpartum mother, you’re probably not reaching for those pre-baby intimate products decorated with lace and sexy cutouts! Instead, you’ll want to replace your maternity bra with a nursing bra or breastfeeding bralette, depending on how much support you’re looking for. Best of all, its subtle detailing means you‘ll feel more confident even as you ease into motherhood.

Your bottom half will certainly call for comfortable clothing, too, even as you heal from giving birth. Rather than the conventional cuts you’ll find in most women’s lingerie, consider reaching for women’s boxer shorts as a cozy alternative.



You might not get a lot of sleep as you dive into your motherhood journey, but you can still reach for cozy sleepwear to keep you comfortable through the sleepless nights. Look for soft material and stretchy choices that allow an amazing fit even if your body fluctuates in the coming months. Your precise needs may vary but might include breastfeeding or pumping access, as well as both comfort and support. These PJs are made for new moms, so you’ll find plenty of nightgowns, pajama sets, and sleepy time separates that will have you ready to bring up baby.



We get it—mom-life days don’t call for much in the way of workouts, whether that’s light yoga or pilates, intense runs, and CrossFit. But you can still take advantage of your favorite active styles in the form of cozy postpartum loungewear! Consider some mama-ready leggings and a plush robe that you can wrap around your coziest postpartum pajamas. Other new moms might prefer a comfortable pair of joggers, sweats, or even cardigans for a comfortable look to keep you warm and cozy.

Everyday Items


From time to time, you may have the adventure before you of heading out into the world with your newborn. Few people could judge you if you opted to wear those sleepwear or loungewear choices out on the town–being a new mom is hard and we all know it! Still, some mamas might prefer an everyday look that offers a more put-together style. You can find everything from dresses to jeans formulated especially for postpartum fashionistas! For those with a particular love of clothing, this is an excellent way to feel a bit more like your old self as well.

With easy access for nursing or pumping, seamless stretch to accommodate your still-changing body, and enough comfort to get you through long days and sleep-deprived nights, your postpartum clothing can make a world of difference as you navigate the early days of new motherhood. Of course, you deserve all the cozy, comfy clothes you can get your hands on! But it’s equally important that you take care of yourself—even with seemingly minor details like these—so that you can be the best mom you possibly can be.

Sandra Hughes
Sandra is an award-winning writer and avid reader of The Green Parent. Her own parenting experience led her on a journey towards discovering sustainable, clean and plant-based products for her family. She lives in LA with her 3 kids, partner, and 2 fluffy cats.

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