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Back when we were all teenagers, the only time we wanted to go on a date was late into the night, watching movie premieres, going midnight bowling, and much more. However, with the added pressure of work, kids, and other adult responsibilities, date night is becoming more unattainable. In addition, your choices are limited if your date goes on longer than you intended and we all get tired a lot earlier than when we were younger.

So, a day date can be the perfect option whether you’re on a first date or you’ve been together for ten years. Today, we’ll take a look at some inspiration for your next day date.

Take a stroll through the aquarium.


A trip to the aquarium, such as the Aquarium of the Pacific in Los Angeles, can be an excellent way to spend a day date. Not to mention, when you go earlier in the day, you’ll miss those afternoon crowds of families and tourists filtering in continuously. In some cases, you may even find yourselves alone amid the sprawling halls filled with gorgeous marine life to keep you entertained and remind you just how vast the world really is. Talk about romantic, and you weren’t even out past eight. So, if you want to take your special someone to the aquarium, take these Aquarium of the Pacific coupons and spend the day together.

Sign up for daytime yoga classes.


Daytime yoga lessons are an exceptional way to spend the day with your significant other. If you’re new to yoga, start with a beginner’s lesson for the two of you, then you can grab a light breakfast or brunch afterward. Furthermore, yoga lessons don’t have to be inside either. You can usually find outdoor yoga classes to join in the summertime to add some sunshine to your daytime date. Not only will you be getting fit with your partner, but you’ll also be making lovely memories together that could blossom into a routine.

How about a matinee?


Who says you can’t go on a movie date during the daytime? If you’ve never experienced going to a matinee, you’ll soon find out that it’s one of life’s simple pleasures with fewer people, lower ticket prices, and your choice of whatever movie you want to watch. But, of course, the best part of a matinee is the lack of crowds. Often, you’ll find yourselves alone in the movie theater, save for an usher or two, making the experience all the more romantic. In addition, without so many people, you can speak freely without the worry of being rude to other movie-goers, creating an exclusive event just for you and your date. So, throw on your favorite date clothes, like those mid rise bootcut jeans you’ve been dying to wear, and go see a show.

Throw it back to simpler times with a picnic.


The days of picnics aren’t over yet. Though many people feel like a date needs to be an extravagant affair, you can always take the simple pleasures route. So whether you get an actual picnic basket, tote, or whatever you have, pack some sandwiches, maybe even a cheese platter too, some drinks, bring a blanket, and find a cool, comfortable spot in your local park. For an added touch, spread your comfy blanket under a tree so you can enjoy the outdoors together while sharing a light meal.

Stay home together.


No one said you actually have to leave the house for your daytime date. If you and your significant other have the day to yourselves, you can always spend it together at home. Consider lounging around in your pajamas all day and catching up on the Netflix show you’ve been planning to binge or play some video games together. No matter what you do, it’s all about spending valuable time together and enjoying the company.

Have a fantastic date.

You should have no trouble planning your next day date with so many ideas. Consider the aquarium, a yoga class, matinee, picnic, or just stay home together. No matter what you decide, you’ll have an amazing day.

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Della Vega began her career in fashion merchandising before learning more about the role that sustainability plays in the industry. Now, she’s devoted to finding sustainable and earth-friendly choices without compromising on style.

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