Moving Into a New House? Do These Things First

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As exciting as moving into a new house feels it’s known to be one of the most stressful activities or events people have to go through. You could be moving from an apartment to a newly purchased home with your family, or it could be just you. Regardless, the moving process is a strong combination of thrilling and overwhelming, as it requires planning and organization. And frankly, it’s not something you’re advised to do without some professional help.

Choose the right moving company.


The first move plan you want to make is to decide how you’re going to move. You can either adopt a personal move coordination plan or book one of the local movers in your area. The moving industry is pretty competitive, and choosing the right moving company can be difficult. If you live in Maryland, for example, there are many Maryland movers that can help you move your belongings to your new home.

Not all movers are reliable, so it’s essential to do good research before choosing one. Preferably, get referrals from friends, colleagues, and family to ensure the company has excellent customer service. Also, check the BBB business profile for the company’s professional licensing, any complaints, years of experience, privacy policy, and any helpful information. Movers are great for long-distance moving, as they have enough storage space to convey all your stuff in one trip.

Once you’re settled on a company and a moving date, do your full packing, then make a checklist of all the items the company will move like furnishings, kitchen equipment, etc. Remember, you are the move coordinator, so you have to inspect the moving process on-site. Also, be sure to have the driver’s phone number in case of an emergency.

Thoroughly clean the new house.

If you’re moving into a brand-new house, chances are the entire home is covered in a lot of dust and post-construction debris. You want to move your belongings into a sparkling home, so you may choose to clean yourself, or you could make your life easier by hiring a commercial cleaning company to do a fantastic job.

There are many across the United States. For example, an online search for “professional window cleaners in the Greensboro area” can bring viable results. Ensure they use proper techniques to provide quality services like storm window washing and cleaning of exteriors, chandeliers, ceiling fans, mirrors, blinds, the deck, gutters, etc.

Just like you verified the moving company’s business license, you should do the same with the cleaning company. After all, employees of cleaning companies have insurance against liability and injury, especially if an accident happens while on the job. This is practical as it protects you and the cleaners, considering you paid quite the sum in hiring them.

Carry out vital inspections.


So you’re all packed and ready to settle in. Not so fast. First of all, remember that checklist? You want to ensure that everything is working right in your new house. Compile a list of things you want to be checked and fixed, and if anything requires fixing, put a call through to your technicians or specialists. Also, inspect the cleaning job done. Look out for window streaks and floor stains. You might also want to fumigate your new house. It’s advisable to do this before the cleaners start work for obvious reasons.

Depending on your preference and the level of pest invasion, you may decide to either fumigate yourself or hire a fumigation company. However, if you’re going to do it yourself, note that fumigation is best done without furniture around. Extra activities after moving into a new house include but aren’t limited to steam cleaning carpets, wiping out cabinets, and painting the walls.

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