Reasons To Add an Air Scrubber to Your Home’s HVAC System

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Whether it’s a sweltering August day or a frigid February morning, you depend on your home’s HVAC system to keep you and everyone in your household comfortable. However, your HVAC unit can use a little help. In addition to regular cleaning and maintenance, you may want to consider investing in an air scrubber or air purifier to make sure that your AC or heater is not only providing air at the right temperature but also keeping the air clear in your home.

Improving Air Quality


One of the main reasons to add an air scrubber to your home’s HVAC system is to improve indoor air quality. Negative indoor air quality can aggravate allergies and have a dangerous impact on respiratory health, triggering asthma or even causing lung damage. Eliminating airborne particles brought on by dust, dander, and other matter can only benefit those living in your home. While it’s important to change out the air filters of your HVAC system and keep vents and ducts clear, an air scrubber can ensure even cleaner air than you and a technician can afford to make happen within the household.

Air scrubbers can come in any size and accommodate just one room or even come as large as a whole-home air purifier. This can help to eliminate harmful contaminants in the air that may still linger in a home, even if a household is incredibly well ventilated. Filters for these air scrubbers should also be swapped out regularly by homeowners to make sure the air scrubber is working in conjunction with a clean HVAC unit.

Better Regulating Temperature and Humidity


Air scrubber technology not only is designed to filter indoor air but can also help to eliminate hefty humidity within a household. Experts suggest that the ideal relative humidity for health and comfort is somewhere between 30 and 50 percent humidity. This means that the air holds between 30 and 50 percent of the maximum amount of moisture it can contain. When humidity is too high, it creates a breeding ground for mold and other irritants that can lead to dangerous health ramifications over time. If it’s too low, it can dry out the air, impacting the structure of your household by warping or cracking some building materials.

An air-cleaning device, along with a properly maintained HVAC system, will also work to make sure that the temperature established by a thermostat matches what is being felt in your household. Clogs of dust and other particulate matter can block vents and prevent airflow throughout a home. This leads to either raising or dropping the temperature on a programmable thermostat and putting more pressure on an HVAC unit. This can impact the life span of the system, leading to more significant issues with equipment down the line.

Combating COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic left us scrambling to try to maintain the cleanest household possible to prevent anyone in our home from contracting the virus. While we are learning more about COVID-19 each day, air scrubbers can help to clean out dirty air that can contain elements of the coronavirus. As part of a greater effort to maintain better indoor air quality, these air purifiers are an effective way to have an extra boost to take bacteria and other pathogens out of the air in your home.

Healthier air for your family members is of the greatest importance to any homeowner. A healthy home with a properly functioning HVAC system and a cleaned-out air scrubber can take out even larger particles that could be impacting the overall health of anyone within the household. However, the first step to keeping your HVAC unit strong and your air purifier doing its job is to stay on top of regular cleaning procedures with air filters and ducts throughout the entire home.

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