Turn Your Bedroom Into an Oasis

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From your mattress to the airflow in the space, your bedroom deserves to be the sort of space you can truly relax and unwind in. It’s hard to create and enjoy your space with lots of clutter, an outdated, uncomfortable bed, or a more generally unattractive space.

Nevertheless, the best-ever bedroom is very much within your grasp. With just a few changes and a bit of effort, you can make a true oasis of your bedroom. From the last few moments before bed to the first ones when you wake up, your bedroom will be there for you and, with the right adjustments, these can become the best parts of your day.

The bed is central for a reason.


When you walk into a bedroom, the bed will almost always be the most noticeable part of the space. If you were simply tidying your bedroom, you might start by making the bed, suddenly realizing that your room isn’t that messy after all. Simply put, your bed is the central point of your bedroom, so it must be comfortable if you hope to be.

Consider researching a Winkbed mattress, weighing the pros and cons of foam and coils, and finding the least motion transfer possible. Know what sort of sleeper you are, take note of any concerns, such as back pain, you’re hoping to alleviate, and seek out a durable, comfortable mattress that will ensure you get a good night’s sleep every night.

Every small detail matters.


The bed takes up the most space in most bedrooms and serves as a critical focal point in terms of design. However, that isn’t to say that more minor details don’t matter, too. From the art adorning your walls to the furnishings scattered across your space, every small feature of your bedroom will work for or against your ideal sanctuary.

Take a look here to find canvas prints that offer just the right amount of color for the walls or those that spark a favorite memory. From wall art to bedding, make sure each detail is working for you, not against you. The best pieces will last for a long time, so you want to be sure they‘ll complement your lovely new space for years to come.

Make sure your space is prepared.


When it comes to designing the perfect space, you’ll have a much more difficult time if you’re starting with a mess or lots of clutter. After all, how can you expect to create the room of your dreams on top of piles that are anything but dreamy? Before you dive into your redesign process, take time to purge the items that won’t contribute to your ideal space.

There are plenty of expert-recommended decluttering methods to choose from, or you could always create your own unique method. Whether you’re scooping up the top layer of mess to sort through or you’re carefully folding each piece of clothing on your new luxury firm mattress, preparing your space with a careful purge is a great way to start your redesign off on the right foot.

Create the right room for you.


If that’s a new mattress with memory foam and pressure relief, so be it. If the best mattress for you is the most compact Winkbed for side sleepers possible, that works too. Stomach sleepers might look for a mattress at a different point on the firmness scale than another sleep position. Of course, these variations aren’t limited to mattresses. From your body type to plain old personal preference, the room that you feel most comfortable in won’t be the same space that someone else falls in love with.

A foam mattress with a generous warranty or a beautiful print to decorate your walls, every aspect of your bedroom comes together to make it a space you want to spend time in—or one that you hope to avoid at all costs. If you want a firm option for your mattress but soft, fluffy bedding, go for it. If you want prints of loved ones hanging from your walls, that sounds perfect—all because these aspects make a comfortable space that’s right for you.

Jamie Klein
Jamie Klein is the founder and CEO of The Green Parent. She regularly contributes articles to the site and can always be depended on to bring vegan donuts from Donut Friend to the LA office.

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