What Plumbing Problems Will a Home Warranty Cover?

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Your home’s more than a shelter to protect you from the elements. It’s a place for gathering with friends and family, and it contains multiple systems designed to ensure your comfort and enable you to live in sanitary conditions.

Whether you build a new home or buy a pre-owned house, you’ll need to invest in household maintenance to keep your household systems working correctly and prevent structural issues. Most homeowners spend thousands per year on maintenance and repair costs, and this figure can increase as your home ages. Consequently, you may opt to invest in a home warranty plan to help control repair costs. Let’s look at the types of plumbing problems covered by home warranties, expenses home warranties don’t cover, and other repair costs you can include in your home warranty plan.

What types of plumbing issues does your home warranty cover?


With a home warranty plan, you can contact your home warranty provider and have them send a licensed technician to assess any issues and perform essential repairs. You’ll pay a service fee when you need services, and your home warranty company pays the balance of the repair costs. Homeowners choose the level of coverage they need based on their home’s age and the types of appliances and features they have. For example, some homeowners may opt to add coverage for their pool while others may not need this type of coverage because they don’t have a pool.

The type of plumbing coverage that home warranty companies provide varies. For example, AFC Home Club’s Silver Plan only covers appliances and doesn’t provide any coverage for your plumbing system. Their Systems Plan and Gold Plan include your plumbing system but don’t cover plumbing stoppages. This means if a foreign object’s stuck in your septic lines, your home warranty plan won’t cover the cost of repairs. These plans also omit the cost of repairs for slab leaks, flanges, root damage, and frozen pipes. They cover the cost of repairs for damaged flush-and-fill valves, toilet tanks, dishwasher supply lines, and interior leaks. Their Platinum Plan does cover repair costs for stoppages, but this plan doesn’t include the costs of camera-snaking or hydro-jetting.

What plumbing costs aren’t covered by home warranties?


Unless you add this coverage to your plan, home warranties don’t cover repair costs for septic tanks or tankless water heaters. Home warranties also don’t cover bathroom upgrades. You may want to update your bathroom because you have mobility issues prompting you to convert a tub to a shower, or you might plan to sell your home. Updating your bathroom can increase your property value and make it easier to sell your house.

Your home warranty company won’t cover your remodeling costs, so look for a remodeling company that provides the services you need. Bathroom remodelers install showers, bathtubs, safety bars, towel bars, and shelving. Opting for one day shower remodeling enables you to transform your bathroom without losing access to your bathroom for several days. Reputable bathroom installation companies may offer direct financing, making it easy for you to cover the cost of upgrades. They also offer limited warranties, ensuring you don’t incur additional costs if there are any issues with your new shower or bathtub.

What other repair costs does your home warranty cover?


Home warranties cover various appliances and household systems. Your coverage depends on the plan you choose.

Silver Plans cover appliances such as your washer, dryer, refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, and garage door opener. A Systems Plan doesn’t cover any appliances but provides coverage for your electrical system, water heater, air conditioner, furnace, ductwork, and plumbing system.

Gold and Platinum plans include appliances and household systems. You can add coverage for a pool, sump pump, tankless water heater, septic system, hot water dispenser, or standalone freezer to any plan.

Home warranty plans provide varying degrees of coverage. Opting for an extensive plan ensures your plan covers most plumbing problems.

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