Will you help me ‘Run Like a Girl?’

florida 5K

A few months ago, I embarked on a new journey as a coach for Girls on the Run. If you're not familiar with it, Girls on the Run is an organization that works with girls in grades 3-5 with the ultimate goal of running a 5K. But GOTR is truly more than a running program.  It's a program that teaches girls about health, fitness, self-esteem, community, and real beauty. And it reminds girls how … [Read more...]

Don’t fall for ‘The Natural Effect’

all natural

What do you think of when you see the term, 'natural?'  Healthy?  Organic?  Made from wholesome ingredients? The Google definition for 'natural,' is "existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind."  So it's no wonder that millions of Americans are fooled by the word 'natural' when they see it on food packaging. But the truth is, that the word 'natural' is not regulated on … [Read more...]

Music helps kids with cancer connect and cope


  It's hard enough being a teenager these days and trying to relate with family and peers.  Throw a cancer diagnosis into the mix and many teens report feeling overwhelmingly isolated, even within their main support group.  Could music videos break down this wall of isolation for teenagers and young adults with cancer?  A new study suggests that they may help teens cope with their illness … [Read more...]

Homeschool: Four weeks in and going strong

Homeschool pictures

Tomorrow the girls and I will begin our 5th week of homeschool.  Not bad considering most of the kids in our area haven't started school yet.  So I thought this was a good time to look back at our first month and give you an update on what's working and what is definitely not! Things we <HEART>: Flexibility. Generally, we start our homeschool days at 8am.  But last week when the girls … [Read more...]

Starting Homeschool

First Day of Homeschool

Allow me to rewind the clock... Two weeks ago, my girls and I started homeschool.  This is our first go at the whole learning-at-home thing, and our first day was so incredible that I wanted to be sure to capture the moment in a post.  But as luck would have it, life got in the way and I have not had a chance to post anything until today.  Still, that first stay is still fresh enough in my … [Read more...]

Watch: How to escape education’s death valley


If you have a vested interest in education - ie, you have kids - then you will love this talk from creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson.  Robinson challenges the irony of "No Child Left Behind," and outlines the ways that the current educational system is working against learning rather than promoting it.  Most importantly, Robinson shares how we can nurture our youngest generations with a climate … [Read more...]

Is breast cancer on the rise in young women?

Young woman

It is uncommon for a young woman to be diagnosed with breast cancer.  But a new study has found that it is becoming increasingly less uncommon than it used to be. According to research conducted by researchers at the Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology program at Seattle Children's Hospital, the rate of advanced breast cancer has almost doubled for young women in the U.S. over the last three … [Read more...]

Taking a Facebook Vacation


  Have you ever considered taking a break from Facebook?  Last week, I wrote a post on Mother Nature Network about a dad who paid his daughter $200 to stay off of Facebook for five months.  It was an interesting move that's prompted even more interesting conversation around the web. Apparently, the "Facebook Vacation" has become the latest trend in social media, with folks hopping off … [Read more...]

[VIDEO] Team #Cinchspiration: It’s a Wrap!

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How do we send them back to school?

Holding hands

Did anyone else have a hard time sending their kids back to school today?  I have been crying on and off all weekend - at my daughter's Christmas pageant,  while reading a story to my little 1st grader, while saying good night to my big 4th grader, and so on and so on.  The thought of ever losing them is unbearable.  And I weep for the parents dealing with that unfathomable pain. This morning … [Read more...]


In Memoriam of the lives lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School

I am absolutely heartbroken this morning.  Trying to come up with words of comfort, words of solace, words of advice to address yesterday's tragedy.  But there truly just aren't words that can ease an ache so gut-wrenching.  Instead, my only advice is to hug your children that much tighter.  Allow yourself to feel the pain.  Send your thoughts and comfort in any way that feels right to you - … [Read more...]

Month 5 #Cinchspiration Update


I absolutely cannot believe it is month 5 of my Cinchspiration journey!  Overall I'd say this has been a great month.  And despite a few hiccups I've maintained my weight loss by relying heavily on the Cinch Maintenance Program. If you're just tuning in, I'll sum up the last five months in a sentence.  Since June, I have lost 16 pounds, completed my first Luray Sprint Triathlon, reached my goal … [Read more...]

#Cinchspiration Update: Pressing the Reset Button


As I mentioned in my video post the other day, my weight loss efforts have taken a bit of a backslide recently. No sooner did I hit goal weight, then I stopped running due to an ankle injury and started eating everything in sight thanks to stress and a general bad attitude.  Not surprisingly, the weight started coming back on.  But fortunately, thanks to Shaklee, the awesome ladies behind Team … [Read more...]

4 Month #Cinchspiration Update: I Need A Kick in the Pants! [VIDEO]

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#Cinchspiration Weigh In: Time To Shop!

Shaklee Jenn

    How's that for a great pic?!?  Looks like it's time for me to do a little shopping!  As I mentioned in my video last week, I hit my goal weight recently and I'm happy to report that I am still holding steady on that number.  Here's my stats for the week. Week 14 Results: Week 13/Last Week/Baseline Weight: 118/118/130 Bust: 34/34/36 Hips: 33/33/37 Waist: 30/30 … [Read more...]