The Ultimate Bucket List For 2016

The end of 2015 is fast approaching which means that a bright shiny 2016 is just a few days away. While your busy scratching out the same old hum-drum New Year's Resolutions - lose weight, save money, eat more veggies - you might want to take a look at some more interesting ideas. The folks that created this infographic titled it the ultimate bucket list for over 50s, but I think it's just … [Read more...]


Over the years, I've had a lot of opportunities to test some truly awesome green products. It's really one of my favorite parts about this job - trying out products that give an eco-spin to what's traditionally on store shelves and giving you the honest scoop about whether or not it's worth the purchase.  But for the first time ever, I did not review the item that was sent to me.  My husband … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Save on Summer Roadtrips

Roadtrippers everywhere are rejoicing in their ability to control costs as the airline industry continues to add fees. These days, everything from carry-on luggage to the privilege of herding your kids down the jetway before the masses will cost you some extra cash. However, road trips can get pretty pricey too, unless you plan ahead. Consider these 10 money-saving tips before you embark on … [Read more...]

January Eco-Challenge: It’s a Wrap!

It's the last day of January and subsequently the last day of my January eco-challenge to adhere to the principles of The Compact.  Nothing new, other than food and medical necessities, for one month. So how did I do?  Well, those of you that have been following me all month long know that I cheated.  Once.  A bought a book for a little girl's birthday.  One of my readers emailed me to pat me on … [Read more...]

Eco-Challenge Update: I Cheated

I cheated.  That's right, you heard me.  I cheated on my January eco-challenge this week. I'm not proud - I really wanted to make it through this month without buying anything new besides groceries.  But I thought long and hard about it and I still stand by my decision. So here's the deal. A young girl that I know is having a a birthday this week.  Not a good enough reason, you say? … [Read more...]

Eco-Challenge Update: Electronic Uprising

We just wrapped up the second week of my family's January Eco-Challenge: The Compact and I'm happy to report that we are still new-stuff-free.  Although we ran in to a couple of close calls this week. For starters, my four-year-old computer came down with a virus.  And not just any old virus, but I real whopper.  I couldn't get on the internet.  I couldn't open programs.  And I certainly … [Read more...]

Eco-Challenge Update: The Paper and the Pie

I thought our first week of the The Compact would be a breeze.  I mean seriously, we have barely put away all of the stuff from Christmas yet, how could we possibly need anything new?  I almost felt guilty doing this eco-challenge in January.  HA!  I faced my first conflict on January 2nd! That was when I headed out to the store to do my weekly grocery shop and found myself reaching for the … [Read more...]

January Eco-Challenge: The Compact

As I mentioned over the weekend, I am embarking on a new venture this year - a year of eco-challenges in which I try to live by the principles of various challenges (think plastic-free, vegetarian, 100-mile diet, etc) for a month. I'm staying flexible on exactly which challenges I decide to try, because I want to get some feedback from you on what would be most useful to read about.  I do have … [Read more...]

What You Need To Know About Visiting The Galapagos

Q & A with Santiago Dunn, President of Ecoventura The Galapagos, known for its wealth of highly visible living creatures, is also one of the most fragile and endangered ecosystems in the world.  Following are questions many potential visitors ask before traveling to these islands. The answers are provided by a leader in creating sustainable tourism programs for the region, , owner of … [Read more...]

Wal-Mart To Add Green Label to Products

due date filme download Wal-Mart is about to change the way we go shopping. As the world's largest retailer, Wal-Mart has earned quite a reputation for their rock-bottom price tags (and the questionable strategies they use to attain those prices.)  But in the future, those price tags may also be accompanied by another label...a green label that gives consumers information about the product’s … [Read more...]

Go Green and Do More With Less

Going green is all the rage these days and there is now an eco-savvy alternative for just about any purchase you need to make. Sure, most green products claim to reduce pollution and waste and conserve resources.   But let's face it: Most of us can't afford to buy the organic and recycled-content versions of everything we need. So how do you decide which products will really make a difference?  It … [Read more...]

Going Green in Illinois

Samantha Harnack is a wife, green mother of two, professional photographer and environmentalist. She is also a life-long resident of the great state of Illinois.   According to Samantha, she has always been aware of the need to recycle but it wasn’t until her kids came home from pre-kindergarten with badges stating that they were “friends to the earth” and saying that we had to do more, that she … [Read more...]

Plastic-Free Baby Gear

I can remember it clearly.  It was very early on in my first pregnancy.  I was hardly showing and still felt like a bit of an imposter in the baby store.  Still, I ventured in to try to get a glimpse of this new world I was ventruing in to.  And I was instantly shocked by the plastic.   As a single gal and a park ranger, I had never really thought much before about plastic.  I'm sure I used the … [Read more...]

Going Green in Indiana

Teri White-Griffin, is a recovery marketing manager. Brainwashed and beaten by the biggest of big boxes, Teri decided to shift her traumatized talents toward a new green attitude.  As Teri's inner consumer psyche started to heal she heard old fashion advice from a fun loving character named Sage McGreen. Admit it we all hear snarky voices in our head while navigating the new green age of … [Read more...]

Going Green in Pennsylvania

Rhain Tomasetti, mom to a very cool 10 year old son, lives in Center City Philadelphia. She runs Earth Baby & Mommy and is opening an educational play center within her local community center. Rhian works hard to help moms live greener and happier lives.     Forums Markets The Reading Terminal A Philadelphia Favorite that offers local fare from Lancaster to Philadelphia. Everything from … [Read more...]