How do we send them back to school?

Did anyone else have a hard time sending their kids back to school today?  I have been crying on and off all weekend - at my daughter's Christmas pageant,  while reading a story to my little 1st grader, while saying good night to my big 4th grader, … [Continue reading]


I am absolutely heartbroken this morning.  Trying to come up with words of comfort, words of solace, words of advice to address yesterday's tragedy.  But there truly just aren't words that can ease an ache so gut-wrenching.  Instead, my only advice … [Continue reading]

5 Month #Cinchspiration Update: With 4 BIG Announcements!

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Month 5 #Cinchspiration Update

I absolutely cannot believe it is month 5 of my Cinchspiration journey!  Overall I'd say this has been a great month.  And despite a few hiccups I've maintained my weight loss by relying heavily on the Cinch Maintenance Program. If you're just … [Continue reading]


Over the years, I've had a lot of opportunities to test some truly awesome green products. It's really one of my favorite parts about this job - trying out products that give an eco-spin to what's traditionally on store shelves and giving you the … [Continue reading]

#Cinchspiration Update: Pressing the Reset Button

As I mentioned in my video post the other day, my weight loss efforts have taken a bit of a backslide recently. No sooner did I hit goal weight, then I stopped running due to an ankle injury and started eating everything in sight thanks to stress and … [Continue reading]

4 Month #Cinchspiration Update: I Need A Kick in the Pants! [VIDEO]

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#Cinchspiration Weigh In: Time To Shop!

    How's that for a great pic?!?  Looks like it's time for me to do a little shopping!  As I mentioned in my video last week, I hit my goal weight recently and I'm happy to report that I am still holding steady on that number. … [Continue reading]

[VIDEO] #Cinchspiration Weigh In: 3 Month Update (BIG NEWS!!)

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Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 11 of #Cinchspiration

Wow, I can't believe that I am on week 11 of my Shaklee Cinchspiration journey.  The results are really visible now - to myself and everyone else!  This past weekend, I met up with eight friends from high school in celebration of our 40th birthday. … [Continue reading]

Week 10 #Cinchspiration Weigh In: Now With Stomach Muscles!

  I have exciting news to tell you at this week's weigh in and lots of it!  First, the numbers, which keep on shrinking and are thus exciting in their own right... Week 10 … [Continue reading]

$100 Planet Shoes Giveaway

This is actually an update to my earlier post on Merrell Lithe Glove running shoes I reviewed courtesy of Planet Shoes.  The cool cats over at Planet Shoes want to let you in on the fun too.  So they're giving away a $100 gift certificate to one … [Continue reading]

Dipping a Toe into Barefoot Shoe Waters

When I first started running just a few years ago, I was all about the padding.  Every article I read supported the theory that running shoes should help cushion the blow of the sport by softening the pounding on the feet.  But in the last few years, … [Continue reading]

#Cinchspiration Weigh In:Week 8 and a Giveaway!

                                    Not sure if you caught my video from the other day or not, … [Continue reading]

Team #Cinchspiration: Luray Sprint Triathlon!

Today was the Luray Sprint Triathlon. Remember my bike ride from a few weeks ago?  The one that almost kicked my butt? Well today was the day that it put that 17 mile bike ride together with a 750 meter swim and a 3.1 mile run.   Wanna … [Continue reading]