Are You On for MLK Day?

watch full film of paul online This Monday (Jan 19th) is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, which means my eldest has off from kindergarten and my husband has off from work. But rather than have just another day off, we're going to make MLK Day a day on instead. In 1994, Congress initiated the King Day of Service asking citizens to spend their day off on MLK Day as a day to give back their communities … [Read more...]

Dr. Martin Luther King and the Quest for Environmental Justice

It goes without saying that environmental issues and social issues go hand in hand. As I mentioned in a previous post on world hunger, you can’t expect someone to worry about choosing a CFL bulb when they are trying to figure out where to get their next meal. Ditto goes for the woman who is being abused by her husband, the man who can’t get health care because he doesn’t have insurance, or the … [Read more...]