Finally, It's All About You!

O.K., now that you have taken care of the kids, the house, your work, your child’s school, the groceries, the cleaning, your dog, the lawn, and everything else, it is finally time for you. If you have any time, energy, and motivation left, use these ideas to become the Green Parent you always thought you would be (before you had kids!). Learn: Get informed about environmental issues so that … [Read more...]

Get Smart: Get Dirty

Want to raise your child’s science test scores by up to 27% ? Just open the door and head outside. That’s right, a recent study found that children who spend time in nature not only have higher science test scores, they are also better at conflict resolution, have higher self esteem, and are understandably more concerned about protecting the environment than those who don’t. Now, the scientist … [Read more...]