Court Rules: “No Link Between Vaccines and Autism”

A few weeks ago, we took a long hard look at the pros and cons of vaccination with a series of posts on why we vaccinate, the dangers of vaccination, and the link between vaccination and autism. To add to this discussion, a federal court ruled Thursday that vaccines are not connected to the autism that developed in three children.  Here's the story... download movie the kid hq … [Read more...]

The Vaccination Decision: Is There Middle Ground?

All this week we have been focusing on vaccinations…the good, the bad, and the ugly. Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to wade through the information and form your own opinion on the issue.  And you may be happy to know that you don't necessarily have to choose one side or another. In the past, many parents felt they had to make a black or white decision when it came to vaccinations.  Either … [Read more...]

The Vaccination Decision: Vaccines and Autism

Once again this week we are talking about vaccination.  So far, we've covered the pros and some of the cons.  But the biggest con by far, the potential link between vaccines and autism, warranted a blog post all on its own. The sheer amount of news stories, studies, interviews, and papers released on this topic to date is nothing short of mind-numbing.  As is the amount of finger-pointing, … [Read more...]

The Vaccination Decision: Weighing The Risks

If your just tuning in, we're talking about vaccinations this week.  And I've even postponed our usual "Waste-Free Wednesday" post so that I can continue focusing on the pros and cons of vaccination. Yesterday, we took a long look at the reasons to consider vaccination. In today's post, I'd like to take a look at the flip side of the argument...the many risks associated with vaccinations.  Reader … [Read more...]

The Vaccination Decision

No parent wants to see their child get sick.  Diseases like polio and measles are scary to think about...even for those of us who have never been touched by their effects.  The good news is that today's children will grow up in a time when modern medicine and vaccines can help prevent a number of previously fatal diseases.  The bad news is that there are a number of red flags that have been raised … [Read more...]